The management of the activities of the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program is vested in the National Council, a central unified body which addresses issues affecting the organization.

Members of the National Council, many of who represent programs from around the country, serve as trustees for the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program to ensure organizational performance and promotion of program standards. To find out more about the rewards and benefits of contributing your skills and experience to the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program as a member of the National Council, please contact us.


Beth Hutchinson, British Columbia
Beth has been a program teacher and BC Provincial Co-ordinator of the PCMGP. She continues to be a program trainer. Beth fell in love with PCMGP while leading the first one in BC. It had more laughter, more development of skills, confidence and connection for all, and a greater depth of joy and satisfaction than she had ever expected. She draws on this experience as well as on her life as a parent and grandparent, an Infant Development Consultant, and in the Sheway program.

Carol Dwyer, Newfoundland and Labrador
Co-Chair of the P-CMGP National Council

Carol has been involved in the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program since 2002 when she was a participant with her own two children. She was so grateful for the support and friendship that she received during that time that she was inspired to become a Facilitator and Trainer. She is excited to be involved with the National Council to share ideas with like minded people about how best to continue to support families throughout our beautiful country.

Chantal RodgersChantal Rodgers, Newfoundland and Labrador
Co-Chair of the P-CMGP National Council

Chantal was introduced to the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program in 2005 when she began attending with her four children. The support and experiences her family received were invaluable and inspired her to stay connected with the program. She became a Mother Goose Facilitator in 2008, and a trainer in 2016. Chantal is currently co-executive director of The Newfoundland and Labrador Parent-Child Mother Goose Program,® Incorporated, and also runs four Mother Goose programs in the St. John’s area. She can be found happily singing songs and rhymes all around Newfoundland and Labrador.

Coralee Tucker, British Columbia
Coralee began her career as a registered nurse and shifted to work in early intervention when her children were toddlers. She has worked as an Infant Development Consultant for over 20 years and brings a passion for working with families of young children. She has been involved with the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program since 2017. Since then, she has advocated for the training of more facilitators in her home city and the expansion of the program through community partnerships. Coralee has a love for the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program and seeing how it builds and strengthens the parent-child relationship. She is excited to be part of the P-CMG National Council and work with others to continue to promote this amazing program. 

Gabrielle Thomas, Quebec
Gabrielle has been an animator with the Montreal Mother Goose team since 2018 and is proud to currently serve as the program’s Co-coordinator. She is a dedicated advocate for literacy and diversity in her volunteering and work as a public servant. Gabrielle is also active with the National Parent-Child Mother Goose Council as a member of their Diversity Council.


Guita Movallali, Ontario
Being a noteworthy leader in the Parent-Child Mother Goose program (P-CMGP) for over 11 years, Guita Movallali is now the Executive Director at Vermont Square P-CMGP. She holds a PhD. in Psychology and has +20 years of experience in the academic. She was Key in various successful initiative projects targeted at parents especially parents of children with disability. She got familiar with P-CMGP in a conference in Italy. Being certified as a P-CMGP teacher in Australia, Guita started the P-CMGP program to Iran, in 2011 and later to Afghanistan in 2021. In 2021, Guita relocated to Canada. She came on board as a teacher and facilitator of the PCMG-P program, in Toronto, Ontario. She also held a P-CMGP webinar. In February 2022, she initiated the first traditional PCMG program for parents with Deaf & Hard of Hearing children in Ontario. Her passion to continually build and foster meaningful relationships is the driving force that fueled her decision to be a part of the National Council P-CMGP family.

Joan MacDonald, Ontario
Joan has been a director on the (Vermont Square) Parent-Child Mother Goose Program Board since 2015 and is currently the Secretary of that Board.  She has a wealth of experience in both non-profit management and Public Administration.  Joan has a Master of Business Administration from York University (Schulich School of Business) and began her career as a youth employment counsellor serving high-risk youth.  She has one 16-year-old son and has always been a proponent of the importance of early childhood development and an advocate for the community support necessary to ensure all children have a healthy start.

Lisa Hurrle, Alberta
Lisa has been involved with the Parent-Child Mother Goose program for about 19 years.  She started out as a program volunteer and was immediately hooked!  She trained as a facilitator and as the program grew in Calgary, she eventually became a program coordinator.  Very recently she has qualified to become a teacher-training facilitator and looks forward to sharing the heart of PCMG with new facilitators.  “I am so passionate about the Parent-Child Mother Goose program!  There is so much magic that happens in the circle as we learn from one another, share the joys and pains of parenthood, and find the community that comes from sharing rhymes, songs, and stories together”.  Lisa is feeling like a bit of a grey-haired goose now that some of her earliest students are off to university but feels so privileged to have been a small part of their early years.

Rebecca FentonRebecca Fenton, Yukon Territory
Rebecca has an Honours BA from Queen’s University and a Graduate Diploma in Child Assessment and Counselling from the University of Toronto. She became involved with PCMG through her work with Partners for Children, a CAPC program that provides support to parents and caregivers of young children. She has been an Instructor in the Early Learning and Child Care Program at Yukon University for over 20 years and is also Project Coordinator at Autism Yukon.  She brings a passion for parent support and early learning and child care, as well as an understanding of the indigenous and multi-cultural aspects of rural and urban northern communities.

Robin SalesRobin Sales, Quebec
Robin was born in the US and has lived in Canada since 2000.  She has worked in many different roles in educational settings and libraries on both sides of the border. She especially enjoys promoting early literacy,  intergenerational programming, and outreach.  She has been creating and providing programming to enrich the lives of children and adults and connect people in communities since 1996.


The National Office Administrator ensures the smooth running of the day-to-day management of the Parent-Child Mother Goose program.  Please contact the Office Administrator for information on certification or training.

Crystal, National Office Administrator
[email protected]