Hosting a Workshop


Hosting a Parent-Child Mother Goose training or professional development workshop is a wonderful way to build community and to support families and children in your area.


How to Host a Teacher Training Workshop

A Parent-Child Mother Goose Program Teacher Training Workshop takes two days, is taught by a trained Workshop Facilitator, and covers the philosophy, organisational plan, materials, and methods of the program.

Some specific areas the two-day Teacher Training Workshop will cover:

  • The background of the program
  • How a session is organized
  • Many examples of rhymes and how to use them
  • Making the program relevant to children of various ages
  • How to help parents learn rhymes and songs
  • How to reach your target group of clients
  • The basics of storytelling

Things to be aware of as you prepare for the two-day Parent-Child Mother Goose Program Teacher Training Workshop.

    • A minimum of six weeks is needed to prepare for a workshop. We will accommodate shorter time periods if possible, but must consider these on an individual basis.
    • Workshops bookings will be considered complete when we receive your signed Letter of Agreement.
    • The maximum number of participants for an in-person workshop is 20.
    • The maximum number of participants for a virtual workshop is 12.
    • Facilitators arrange travel and accommodation with the sponsoring agency.
    • All negotiations or questions concerning fees must go through the P-CMGP Office.

Please note:

    1. All P-CMG Programs are taught by two or more teachers. Organisations wishing to offer the program should train at least two teachers.
    2. This workshop is for adults; childcare must be provided for participants when necessary.


    • Match you with one of our qualified Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® Workshop Facilitators. If you request a specific facilitator, we will accommodate your preference when at all possible.
    • Put you and the facilitator in touch with each other.
    • Answer any questions you may have.
    • Email you a Workshop flyer and Registration Form template
    • Post the workshop on our Training Calendar
    • Approximately two weeks before the workshop we will send you a box of (prepaid) materials for up to a maximum of 20 participants.


Contact the facilitator to arrange:

  • Travel – Discuss booking flights, train tickets, or car-rental, meet the facilitator at the airport, drive her to the workshop, etc. 
  • Accommodation – where applicable. 
  • Meals – where applicable. 
  • List of Participants – It is helpful to know if any of your participants are currently teaching in a program. 
  • The Day of the Workshop – ensure logistics of opening the room, preparing the snack, and any other assistance the facilitator may require during the workshop. 

For a Virtual Set-up:

  • We recommend running the workshop over 4 half days, rather than 2 full days, for best learning to take place on Zoom. Exact format to be determined by the host organization and the Workshop Facilitator.
  • Please provide a list of phone numbers and contacts to the Facilitator before the workshop.
  • Hosts should provide a tech helper at the beginning of each day, to help make sure all participants get into the workshop and to troubleshoot if necessary. This allows the Workshop Facilitator to focus on the group as participants enter.
  • In a Zoom workshop, Host Organizations will not be responsible for providing snacks, accommodation or meals for Facilitators.

Workshop Materials

You will receive:

  • Workshop folders and handouts for each participant and other forms for the facilitator, to be held until she arrives. 
  • A Teacher Training Manual for each participant. 
  • In addition to the materials we send you, the facilitator will bring samples of resources (books, CDs, and posters). Participants wishing to place an order will fill out an order form and give it to the facilitator. Orders will be received at and mailed from the Toronto P-CMGP Office.

Room Set-Up

Book a comfortable room with moveable chairs. (Participants will need to sit in a circle
as a group and have enough room to be able to gather in smaller groups.)

  • Make sure the room has two tables: one for the snacks you provide and one for the 
  • resources for sale and the handouts. 
  • The workshop facilitator will be showing a short video during the workshop. You will need a computer with internet connection – connected to a projector, if possible

Please ensure that you have arranged for: 

  • Mid-session snacks 
  • Any special needs (e.g. mats, use of photocopier for any materials brought by the participants to the workshop, etc). 


  • $2700 (no tax) workshop fee* – 50% due upon booking. Balance due 1 week prior to workshop. 
  • Facilitator’s travel (air or train ticket, or driving at 50 cents/km) and accommodation, including meals, where applicable. 
  • Snacks, room and/or equipment rental, if applicable. 

We will invoice you for the workshop itself. You will pay all other fees directly to suppliers and reimburse the Workshop Facilitator, if applicable.

Cancellation Policy

Workshops postponed because of weather will be invoiced at the regular rate when the rescheduled workshop occurs. Confirmed workshops may be cancelled without penalty up to four weeks before the scheduled date. Cancellations made less than four weeks before the scheduled date will be charged $300 for administration and facilitator compensation.

For details on hosting a Parent-Child Mother Goose workshop at your agency or in your community, please review the following Information Sheets.

Questions?  Contact our offices, we’ll be happy to answer your queries.