Training for Workshop Facilitators

Training for Workshop Facilitators

pcmg10editedTeacher Training Workshops (TTWs) are the foundation of the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program’s growth. The Facilitators of these workshops train the teachers who will be offering the program in a wide variety of communities. These Facilitators must be secure in the content, methods and goals of the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program®.

We look for potential TTW facilitators who have solid teaching experience in the program, as well as the leadership qualities to teach others. We recognise that, in Canada, remote and distant locations as well as unique local situations can make for training challenges. We strive to work with applicants and local agencies and program people to meet these challenges so that we will have Teacher Training Workshop Facilitators in all regions of the country.


Before you make your application please contact [email protected] to establish that:

  • you have taught for at least two years in a P-CMG program that meets all program standards 
  • there is a need for a Teacher Training Workshop Facilitator in your area.

Once these essentials have been confirmed you can begin the application process.


Please send to [email protected] the following:

  1. Your résumé
  2. Three letters of reference: these should include one from your Parent-Child Mother Goose work, one from work outside of the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program®, and one from a non-work situation.
  3. Current (up to date) Program Membership information for the program you teach in.
  4. A letter that includes the following:
  • why you wish to be a Teacher Training Workshop Facilitator
  • the strengths and skills you would bring to facilitating these training workshops
  • the challenges and rewards you have experienced in offering the P-CMGP
  • why you think the P-CMGP is important
  • how you see the program benefiting your community/region/country
  • permission to speak to our contacts in your area
  • dates of P-CMGP workshops you have attended
  • date of your most recent Program Report

Once your application is reviewed you will be contacted and if it is accepted you will begin the training process as soon as an experienced Training Facilitator can arrange to visit your program and discuss the training with you.


Training occurs through an apprenticeship. It includes observing programs, co-facilitating one or more TTWs with experienced facilitators, and evaluation and discussion with experienced TTW facilitators.

The details of each person’s training will be worked out between the Apprentice and the Training Facilitator who will be supervising her training. During the training she may work with more than one TTW Facilitator.

Part One:: Program Visits

The Apprentice will visit three to four Parent-Child Mother Goose Programs with a qualified TTW Facilitator. The Apprentice will have the opportunity to discuss her observations with the Facilitator.

Part Two:: Workshop Observation

The Apprentice will observe the teaching of at least one Teacher Training Workshop and will discuss the workshop with the Facilitator.

Part Three:: Co-facilitation

The Apprentice will co-facilitate one or more TTWs with an experienced Workshop Facilitator. The Apprentice and the Facilitator will meet before and after each workshop to discuss teaching, including:

  • the goals and methods of the workshop
  • the format and flow of each day of the workshop
  • the particular needs of participants
  • how the workshop will be co-facilitated
  • evaluation and debriefing


Evaluation is an ongoing process. At each step, the applicant will receive feedback on work to date and affirmation that training is to continue. After each TTW, the Training Facilitator will write an evaluation report on the training process and discuss it with the Apprentice. After each TTW, the Apprentice will write a self-evaluation and comments for discussion on the training process and discuss it with the Training Facilitator.


The time this training process takes will vary depending on individual circumstances.

For more information on the WORKSHOP FACILITATOR APPRENTICESHIP PROCESS e-mail [email protected] or call 416-588-5234