Parent-Child Mother Goose program a success by any measure

Immigrant parents learn nursery rhymes, songs to boost their kids’ and their own language skills.  Read the article…

Early Intervention Key for Improving Literacy Skills for Deaf Children

NEWSWISE 5/25/2011
“One more story” is a common refrain in families with young children who love to read. But children who are deaf or are hard-of-hearing often miss out on this activity because their parents may not know how to use American Sign Language (ASL) Read the article…

Mother Goose program teaches immigrant parents songs and stories in their native tongues and English

VANCOUVER SUN First-time mother Jenny Lam knows how to serenade her eight-month-old son with lullabies in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. But she can only do that because of a free literacy program aimed at immigrant parents. Lam and her son, Theo Poon, took part in the Chinese/English Mother Goose program in April organized by S.U.C.C.E.S.S., a multi-service immigrant support agency. Read the article….

Mother Goose helps parents strengthen bond with children

A commitment of a mere hour a week can enhance your relationship with your child. The Parent-Child Mother Goose program at Delta libraries shares traditional rhymes, songs and stories as tools to strengthen the bond between parent and child, newborn to 15 months. Read more…

Nursery rhymes start infants towards literacy; Hands-on teaching helps parents bond with their babies

VANCOUVER SUN, Tue 25 Sep 2007
Mother Goose and Man in the Moon programs in Vancouver are built on the fact that parents who talk, sing and read to their children from infancy (or even before) give their kids a tremendous advantage. “I’m going to teach you a really nice fun rhyme to use when the baby needs a jiggle,” Jane Cobb says to the seven moms and one dad who have brought their babies — roly-poly little bundles, ranging in age from five weeks to seven months and wearing sleepers, onesies and bibs — to Vancouver’s Ravensong Community Health Centre near Broadway and Ontario streets. Read more… 

 A magical morning of relaxed fun for moms, kids

The whole idea of the Parent-Child Mother Goose program is outrageously simple and astoundingly powerful. One morning a week, mothers and babies come together to learn and play nursery rhymes. You could take a brace of scientific laboratories, a wardful of white-coated specialists and a think tank of child care experts, stir them together and you wouldn’t get anything half as potent as the life-enhancing transformations wrought by silly old Mother Goose.