Parent-Child Mother Goose in Kamloops Adapts

by Crystal Murgatroyd, Parent-Child Mother Goose Program Coordinator

Our world got turned upside down in a matter of days, and we’re feeling isolated now more than ever. We can’t go and visit our friends and family, littles aren’t able to play in parks or playgrounds, and life looks so very different through the eyes of a child. 

The Kamloops Parent-Child Mother Goose team is trying to keep connected with each other, with our Mother Goose families, and with our community. We have approximately 2000 people following our ‘Kamloops Parent-Child Mother Goose’ Facebook page, and we see this as an opportunity to keep our community connected. Each day we post a video from one of our KELLI facilitators singing a well-loved, well-known Mother Goose song. 

We feel that this lets the little ones in our community feel connected to their Mother Goose world. Our talented facilitators showcase their enthusiasm and passion for the P-CMG program from the comfort of their home, with their own families. Our families communicate with us, and with facilitators through comments. Families tell us that their child lights up with a smile while watching these short clips. We show our community that we are all in this together, we are here for one another, and we can get through this with some help from singing, rhyming and telling stories together.

Adapting for a virtual world

We adapted our Mother Goose program for the virtual world, and will be able to offer the community a virtual alternative to group programming. We are offering ten groups this spring running throughout the week, and we are inviting families to join, engage and support each other through this challenging time. Groups will be offered through Zoom, with two facilitators. At the end of each session, facilitators remain on the meeting to connect with the children and families. We believe families can join one another at home and all share in the power and pleasure of songs, rhymes and oral stories.

Families, now more than ever, need to be reminded that we are not alone. We need extra smiles, extra happiness, and extra connection with each other. We will get through this, and we can have some fun together while doing it!


If you’ve got a story to share about how your Parent-Child Mother Goose program is adapting to the challenges of supporting families during COVID-19, let us know! We’ll post your report here, so that others around the country can learn about what you are doing.  Send to us at [email protected].





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  1. Lisa Hurrle

    Way to go! I had forgotten about the “love grows” song – a great one and a great reminder. Thank you for sharing!

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