Supporting Families During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and the protective measures implemented by governments at various levels across Canada to prevent the spread of the virus have meant that delivery of  the Parent Child Mother Goose Program is suspended in many communities, causing significant upheaval in the lives of families.

Many program providers are looking for alternative means of delivering the program, to continue to support

Whether this means sending out rhymes and songs to a Facebook group, convening parents and children remotely on Skype or Zoom, we want to support the creative use of technology to bring songs, rhymes and stories to the families who more than ever need this in their lives. During this time, we have approved the use of the Parent-Child Mother Goose name and logo for remote delivery of programs.

You can help others across the country who are looking for ways to support families in their communities by sharing your ideas and best practices. What is working for you? How are you bringing songs, rhymes and stories to families in your community? By sharing your story, you can help to bring Parent Child Mother Goose back into the lives of families who are missing this opportunity for connection at this time.

Let us know by sending us an email to [email protected] with your ideas and suggestions. We will publish the stories we receive for the benefit of Parent Child Mother Goose teachers and supporters across Canada.

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