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21 Great Reasons to Support Parent-Child Mother Goose in 2021

Dear Supporters,

As much of the world enters the fourth wave of the pandemic, families now more than ever, need to be reminded that they are not alone. We need extra smiles, extra happiness, and extra connection with each other. The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program continues to be a consistent presence in a family’s life. We’re here to connect and support, we’re here to uplift and celebrate, and we’re here to bring families together when they may be forced to be apart. The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program really is a lovely way to show our nation that we are all in this together, we are here for one another, and we can get through this with some help from singing, rhyming and telling stories together.

You can help us continue to be there for families, by supporting the National Council for Parent-Child Mother Goose this year.

The National Council, through its Program and Training Committee, works to ensure that training standards are met, certifies new teachers, develops resources and provides opportunities for connection and sharing. Your donation in support of the work of the National Council can make a big difference this year by helping to ensure that program teachers feel confident and supported in their return to in-person programming.

And that’s not all! In fact, we’ve realized there are at least 21 Great Reasons to Support Parent-Child Mother Goose in 2021! Here we go….

Parent-Child Mother Goose is joyful shared experience for children and their parents or caregivers.

  1. In the first session of the first Parent-Child Mother Goose Program, I was surprised at the frequency with which mothers and their babies and toddlers were looking back and forth at each other, at the amount of smiling and of laughing and at how pleased they all seemed to be to take part in the rhymes and songs.   As the years of leading in programs went on, this continued and I became more aware of the contribution it all was making to the relationships between parent and child, of the relationships that formed between families and of the development of both skill and confidence in both of them.  And the smiles and laughter continued on!”
    – Beth Hutchinson, National Council Director

The program promotes family bonding.

  1. There is nothing more important than the bond between parent (caregiver) and child.  Parent-Child Mother Goose programs support and build on this essential relationship” 
    – April Jennings, National Council Director

  2. Secures so much needed bonding time many families cannot find in their busy lives
    – Ivanka Gotcheva, National Council Director

Participation builds connections between parents or caregivers and young children. Parents meet other parents and form a connection to their community.

  1. PCMG gives parents support / opportunities / ideas on how to connect with their children through the use of rhymes, songs and stories.” 
    – Carol Dwyer, National Council Director

  2. It nurtures connection within families and between families.”
    – Chantal Rogers, National Council Director
  1. It enhances connections – parent and child connections, family connections, and community connections. The National Council for the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program strives to enhance these connections by connecting families with local groups, connecting communities with our program, and connecting facilitators with other facilitators.”
    – Crystal Murgatroyd, National Office Administrator
  1. The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program creates and instills a sense of community amongst it’s participants.
    – Chantal Rogers, National Council Director
  1. “It gives families an opportunity to meet in a safe, supportive and accepting environment.”
    — Carol Dwyer, National Council Director

Songs, rhymes and storytelling convey culture. Parent-Child Mother Goose uses traditional oral storytelling and songs that reflect group members’ cultural diversity.

  1. The program respects and honours cultural diversity and traditions. For families isolated from their communities of origin or traditional culture, participating in the program can be an opportunity to rediscover cultural knowledge and practices.”
    — Marilee Peters, National Council Director

  2. “Parent-Child Mother Goose helps keep the connection between generations alive.”
    – Ivanka Gotcheva, National Council Director

Parents who participate in the program grow in confidence and are affirmed by responses to their increasing story-telling capacities.

  1. PCMG helps parents gain confidence in their parenting skills
    – Ivanka Gotcheva, National Council Director

The program promotes the development of early literacy skills, social-emotional learning, and other

  1. “The bonding and connection are essential in the growth and development of our children.”
    – Chantal Rogers, National Council Director

  2. “The Parent Child Mother Goose Program offers a unique opportunity for bonding between parents and children, while also promoting the development of language and social skills.
    — Kristen Lenoble, former National Council Director
  1. “A program which seems so simple to an outside observer, touches many aspects of the families that are involved, including literacy, parenting support, and bonding.
    – Chantal Rogers, National Council Director

The National Council for Parent-Child Mother Goose works to ensure that program and training standards are maintained, that teachers have the resources and support they need, and that there is a strong national voice for the program across Canada.

  1. “The PCMGP has spread now from one corner of Canada to so many other corners.  We need to have the insight and experience and knowledge that come from many of those corners gathered together in order to serve the program well.”
    – Beth Hutchinson, National Council Director

  2. “The National Council is the Canadian voice for the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program.”
    – Crystal Murgatroyd, National Office Administrator
  1. “National Council members come from all over Canada which gives a voice to each province/area and enables full representation of how this wonderful program is thriving throughout our country.”
    – Chantal Rogers, National Council Director
  1. “I believe the National Council’s work is vitally important to unite the diverse organizations across Canada that provide the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program.”
    — Kristen Lenoble, former National Council Director
  1. “The National Council is a team – we are diverse, we have different backgrounds, skills, and professional experience, but we come together with the same common passion for the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program. We put our shared passion into play and collectively oversee a program that we believe in. We trust in the program, and we sit on this council making decisions and determining best practices to ensure that you can trust in the program as well.”
    – Crystal Murgatroyd, National Office Administrator

Program teachers are an incredible community resource who deserve ongoing support.

  1. “Sharing songs, rhymes and stories in the program builds bonds of trust between teachers and participants, making a PCMG program a safe space to talk about concerns and issues. It gives parents an opportunity to share their challenges and to get advice or referrals to other community services, without feeling vulnerable or unsafe.”
    –Marilee Peters, National Council Director

And finally, the program is proven to be effective. There is a strong and growing evidence base supporting its effectiveness at enhancing children’s language development, parenting skills, community connections, and more.

  1. “With no props, equipment or screens to get in the way, with just voices and touch, parents and children in a Parent-Child Mother Goose Program find joy and connection. What could be simpler, or more powerful?”
    –Marilee Peters, National Council Director

I’m sure that you can think of at least 21 more reasons that make Parent-Child Mother Goose such an incredible, valuable resource in our communities. And I hope in reading this list contributed by our National Council members you’ve found the reasons you need to support the program for the year ahead. Because we can’t do it without your continued support and generous donations.

You can make a secure online contribution through CanadaHelps using the donation form on the National Parent-Child Mother Goose website. Donations can also be made by E-Transfer to [email protected] or, send us your donation by cheque to:

National Parent-Child Mother Goose Program
720 Bathurst Street, Suite 500A
Toronto, ON M5S 2R4

Thank you in advance for your generous donation. Here’s to a wonderful fall season ahead and continued safety and health.

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

This past Thursday, September 30th 2021, marked the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. We honoured and we remembered, and we continue to learn from our tragic and painful history. We encourage Parent-Child Mother Goose programs to begin their sessions with a land acknowledgement, to give thanks and honour the traditional territories of the Indigenous Peoples.

For more information on the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, and specifically how you can begin your own learning journey, please visit:

September is a time to celebrate LITERACY

Did you know September is National LITERACY MONTH? Literacy is so much more than reading! It’s your ability to listen, speak, write and understand.

This is a time to snuggle up, get close, and encourage your littles to explore literacy – and what better way to encourage literacy
development, then through the power and pleasure of songs, rhymes and oral stories!

The words in songs become the building blocks for vocabulary. Even if your little is too little to say or sing the words of the songs, the actions that are often paired with a song can act as a great introduction to expressive language. By singing songs, rhyming and telling oral stories, we are gifting our children with literacy tools, such as phonological awareness (hearing the sounds that make up words), rhythm and syllables (which we need to break down words into ‘chunks’), and the ability to rhyme. Songs, rhymes and oral stories are a wonderful way to
promote movement, language, literacy and learning.

The best part about using Mother Goose songs, stories and rhymes…? It offers a new way to
connect with your child. It offers a new way to communicate, a new way to play, and a new way to bond with your family.

September reminds us that these magical moments should be celebrated. Songs, oral stories and rhymes are wonderfully powerful way to promote literacy.

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