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A Message of Support for British Columbia

Challenge and devastation continues in our nation, with British Columbia recently being hit with a severe storm causing monumental flooding and mudslides. British Columbia has declared a state of emergency, with many homes lost, disruptions to supply chain and food availability, and families evacuated, uprooted, and isolated.

For all those affected by this recent event, The National Council of the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program wishes to extended our heartfelt condolences, and we hope our thoughts of comfort and support help in a small way through these difficult times. 

Once again, we will get through this, and we can have some fun together singing, rhyming and storytelling while doing it.

National P-CMG Program
AGM 2021

The National Council for the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® warmly invites you to our Annual General Meeting. Our AGM is scheduled for November 24th, 2021, beginning at 12PM PST.

Please register for our AGM through Eventbrite, by clicking: – you will find an option for members, and an option for non-members. The deadline for registration is November 17, 2021.

Interested in becoming a member? Please visit our National website at:

Fall 2021 Newsletter

The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and we are officially
into the fall season. I’m pleased to present our Fall 2021 Newsletter

In this issue we are featuring an uplifting story about the introduction, development, and success of the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program in Afghanistan. “We are so grateful for this beautiful development of the Mother Goose program. It is simply wonderful for young families, and we know that it will have long-term benefits, as it does everywhere, and especially now while times are very tough in Afghanistan.” It’s lovely to see Mother Goose enjoyed by professionals and families around the world. Read more by clicking here!    

As always, our newsletters are a great resource for new song, rhyme, story and fingerplay ideas. You will find National Council news, updates, and how you can help us. In this issue, we would love to introduce you to our Diversity Council, and share what they are working on.

You can find a copy of our 2021 Fall Newsletter, along with past editions, under the resources tab on our website.  

We love hearing from you! Connect with Ivanka at to share your stories, rhymes, pictures and news. Tell us about your program – sharing your stories brings joy, strengthens the network, and creates energy across Canada and across the world.