Parent-Child Mother Goose – A Welcome Resource for Newcomer Families

Listen in to this podcast discussion about the value of Parent-Child Mother Goose for newcomer families, recently posted on the BC Council for Families website.

The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program has been helping newcomers to Canada to develop their language and storytelling skills, build stronger bonds with their children, and befriend other parents in their communities for nearly 20 years.

In this Voices of Family podcast, Hydi Sham, Senior Family Support Worker at Richmond Family Place, sits down with Beth Hutchinson, PCMGP Provincial Coordinator, to discuss how she got involved with the program when she first came to Canada in the early nineties.

Hydi also highlights the myriad of ways in which the program has benefited both herself and many other newcomers all across the province.   Listen in to the podcast.

Why Donate to the National Parent Child Mother Goose Program?

pcmg16editedIt’s a good question — why should you donate to the national organization of Parent-Child Mother Goose, when community organizations in so many regions across Canada struggle every day to provide Mother Goose programs? Why not invest your dollars to make sure Mother Goose programs continue in your home community?

Well, we’re actually hoping that you’ll do both! Because the National Parent-Child Mother Goose program and our community partners in towns and cities across Canada are both integral to the continued growth and success of Mother Goose. Together, we make sure that babies and their parents or caregivers can continue to benefit from this amazing program.

How does the National Program help your community?

  • By certifying new teachers to keep the program alive and vital in your community .
  • By keeping teachers and program supporters connected and up to date with program developments across the country and around the world (Mother Goose is in Australia, the US, and Iran!)
  • By developing new resources for use in programs and at home.
  • By encouraging and participating in research to demonstrate the benefits of Parent-Child Mother Goose for children, adults, families and communities.

The National Parent-Child Mother Goose program is almost entirely volunteer run, but we need funding to be able to continue to provide services, connections, and resources. So please, if you love the Mother Goose program, help to keep it alive. Donate to the National Parent-Child Mother Goose program today.

You can make a secure online donation through our CanadaHelps page. Please give generously.