A small sentence can turn into a story…

The parents have arrived at the PCMG program.  Some of the babies are on the blankets with their Moms, Dads or caregivers.  Several children are crawling around and a few are circling the group.

As it is time to begin, the facilitators begin…

Here is the earth….Here is the sky….Here are my friends….and here am I.

Many in the group settle into the circle.  Some of the children reach for the ground and sky, parents assist smaller ones complete the gestures, and a gentle calm envelopes the group. 

We repeat the rhyme, so everyone knows that we have begun.

We welcome the group to the first session by asking them to introduce themselves and their little ones.  As the program progresses, and we enter our third and fourth week, we ask the big people to share a little about themselves.

Simple questions, such as “What is your favorite food?” or “favorite destination spot?” or “favorite hobby?”  Their simple answers connect the parents through sharing and gives them a voice in our group. 

These simple answers often lead to a bigger story.  One we are very privileged to be apart of.

Kim Heatherington & April Jennings, PCMG facilitators, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

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