Spring 2022 P-CMGP Newsletter

If you pause for a moment and focus, perhaps you can smell the scent of budding blooms, rainfall, and new growth – we are officially into SPRING! We are pleased to present our SPRING 2022 P-CMGP Newsletter.

In this issue of our P-CMGP Newsletter, we showcase Infant Virtual Programming in Timiskaming Shores, Ontario. Nathalie Bowen describes the virtual program, and the success of transitioning back to in-person programming. “Even with our masks on, they recognized our voices from us singing online with them.” In this edition, you’ll also meet Papa Goose, and hear from Parents and Grandparents across Canada. 

Our newsletters are a great resource for new material. You’ll find National Council news and updates, projects we’re working on, and how you can help us. As always, you’ll find new songs, rhymes and stories. 

You can find a copy of our Spring 2022 Newsletter, along with past editions, under the resources tab on our website.  

We love hearing from you! Connect with Ivanka at to share your stories, rhymes, pictures and news. Tell us about your program – sharing your stories brings joy, strengthens the network, and creates energy across Canada and across the world.