Becoming a Certified Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® Teacher

Our Parent-Child Mother Goose facilitators/animators/teachers are so talented, sharing their
passion, their enthusiasm, and their love of our program with families across Canada and beyond!

P-CMG facilitators/animators/teachers, are you aware of the process to become certified?
Here are the steps:

  1. Complete a Registration for Certification form
  2. Complete THREE Self-Evaluation forms. Each self-evaluation is a summary of your experience over the course of a ten-week session of facilitating. You’ll reflect on different aspects of the teaching process. Since you are completing three self-evaluations, this process will take approximately 30 weeks.
  3. Provide a one-page self-reflection. In your own words, summarize your 30 weeks of facilitating – what were some challenges? Joys/rewards? What did you learn through this process?

More information can be found on our website under our Training and Certification tab.
All documents can be sent to [email protected].

*Organizations/agencies with teachers working on a certification must be in good standing with the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program®.