September is a time to celebrate LITERACY

Did you know September is National LITERACY MONTH? Literacy is so much more than reading! It’s your ability to listen, speak, write and understand.

This is a time to snuggle up, get close, and encourage your littles to explore literacy – and what better way to encourage literacy
development, then through the power and pleasure of songs, rhymes and oral stories!

The words in songs become the building blocks for vocabulary. Even if your little is too little to say or sing the words of the songs, the actions that are often paired with a song can act as a great introduction to expressive language. By singing songs, rhyming and telling oral stories, we are gifting our children with literacy tools, such as phonological awareness (hearing the sounds that make up words), rhythm and syllables (which we need to break down words into ‘chunks’), and the ability to rhyme. Songs, rhymes and oral stories are a wonderful way to
promote movement, language, literacy and learning.

The best part about using Mother Goose songs, stories and rhymes…? It offers a new way to
connect with your child. It offers a new way to communicate, a new way to play, and a new way to bond with your family.

September reminds us that these magical moments should be celebrated. Songs, oral stories and rhymes are wonderfully powerful way to promote literacy.

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