Transition Songs

We teach transition songs often in our Parent-Child Mother Goose groups.
Transition songs are a wonderful tool to use throughout daily routine living,
whether you’re at home, out in the community, or getting ready for a new activity.
Transition songs are a great way to make life predictable for children, thereby boosting
self-esteem and confidence. Transition songs make expectations clear and easier to
understand, boost language skills, and help with emotional regulation. Finally, transition
songs add an element of connection between you and your child(ren).

Whether you’re about to have a nutritious snack, have a bath, or it’s time to clean up
your toys, we have a transition song/rhyme for you!

What is your favorite transition song to sing?

Fishes in the ocean,
Fishes in the sea!
We’ll all stand up on

2 thoughts on “
Transition Songs

  1. Nicole

    I love to use Raffi’s “Sing when the Spirit says Sing,” and in addition to sing,replace sing with all sorts of fun things like dance, clap, fly but also sit or whatever you need families to do

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